How to Use Stickers to Market Your Small Business

An array of business stickers on a white desk in a print studio.

If you have initiated a small business, you may be facing difficulties in promoting it. Thinking about how to market your small business in El Paso? We have the most uncomplicated and effective ideas for you to market your business through stickers.

Yes, you heard it right; using stickers can greatly market your small business affordably and can also attract people’s attention in an unconventional yet eye-catching way. You can use these stickers for marketing your El Paso small business in fun environments, which will be much different from traditional marketing methods.

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Here are some of the effective ways to use stickers while you market your El Paso small business: 

1.) Customized Stickers as a Gift

While selling your products or services in-store or online, you can give stickers to your customers as a loyalty gift, or a small gift, with the purchase they made. You can make customized stickers to give your customers a fun surprise, or print inspirational or motivational messages that resonate with your brand idea.

You can even gift them personalized stickers they can use, and stick them on their belongings, such as laptops, water bottles, cars, etc.

2.) Stickers at Special Events and Grand Openings

If you are organizing a special event or grand opening of your business, it is best to give away customized stickers with sample products and giveaways to attract traffic to your store. Free sampling will provide you some very potential customers, and personalized stickers will let the clients connect with your brand emotionally. 

Sampling and stickers also give customers a sneak peek and feel of your brand, so they can better understand your business right at the start.

3.) Apply Brand Stickers to Personal Items

Apply your brand stickers to various items in your store or office, such as the cash counter, entrance door, or reception desk. This will grab the attraction of the customers, and the stickers will do the marketing themselves.

Also, you and your family members can apply stickers on your personal belongings, such as water bottles, key chains, laptops, cars, and hats, so you can market your brand wherever you go.

4.) Add Stickers to Your Packaging 

If you run an online business, you can add stickers inside and outside the packaging to create personalized branding, so your clients would instantly know where the package is from. If you run an in-store business, you can add stickers to your plastic bags or box packaging so your customers take your branding to their homes. This is a surefire way of marketing your business to more people. 

You can add stickers on the outside of your packages to give details about your business, the logo, brand name, and motive. On the inside, you can add contact information like social media handles, so the customers and interested people can contact you again. 

5.) Give Stickers to Create Goodwill

You can gift stickers to your customers, so they can use and gift them to someone else. This circulation of your brand’s stickers will create goodwill, as people will start remembering your brand’s name and logo.

This is a simple yet very effective way of marketing your business for free, where you can reach as many houses and people as possible. 

Stickers in El Paso

Stickers are a unique way to market your business, and if you are initiating a business in El Paso, you can easily use this simple yet innovative way. If you want some very creative stickers for promoting your brand, you can get them from us at Crazy Monkey Stickers, as they can surely boost your sales.

Also, if you need some more ideas on how to customize stickers for your brand, feel free to contact us for any assistance!

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