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As an El Paso-based business, Crazy Monkey Stickers is proud to specialize in custom business signs. We have worked on simple and complex projects when creating signs and banners. Our signage products are made to be used in several applications, meaning signs and banners can be placed in both indoor and outdoor commercial settings.

For personalized services, Crazy Monkey Stickers is the best business to partner with. We’re here to handle every step of the sign production process. Our proofs are ready within 24-48 hours. Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll get to work on printing and shipping out your signs! They will arrive within 9-11 days via USPS. Before long, you’ll experience the benefits of beautiful custom signage!

With our custom signs, your business will stand out. Reach out to us today.

The Benefits of Custom Signs  

A custom sign has the power to build cohesiveness in your brand. By implementing all the right elements, customers begin to recognize your business. A business sign can be an influential word-of-mouth marketing tool, where your customers practically do the work for you. In addition to recognition, a sign helps enhance the overall look of your brand. 

Your logo, signature typography, color scheme, and other graphical elements create an impression. Custom signage is one of the best ways to tell your customers who you are. With new and improved signs, you will come to find more customers and recognition for your business. 

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Types of Signs We Offer 

When looking into creating custom signs for your business, it is important to consider the materials and the sign’s effectiveness. Here, at Crazy Monkey, you have the perfect options. 


  • Vinyl signs are some of the best materials to use as outdoor signage. Our vinyl signs withstand all weather conditions while advertising your business. Vinyl signs are sturdy, created in fast turnaround times, and can also increase foot increase onto your business grounds. While it is more of a traditional method, the benefits of vinyl still hold true!


  • The biggest benefit banners have to offer is their visibility. When creating a banner for your business, you never have to worry that your customers are unfamiliar with your services. You can incorporate all kinds of elements into a banner, including images, text, and contact information, which is everything a customer needs to reach you! 

Why You Should Team Up With Us  

At Crazy Monkey Stickers, you can customize everything there is regarding signs and banners. You have the full freedom to make special announcements with signs and banners. Signs are cost-effective methods of marketing your business, especially when they are done with our professionals. We aim to help you sustain your growth. We are always ready to fulfill your signage needs. 

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With custom signs, you are just one step away from business growth like you’ve never experienced before! Contact us today at (915) 881-4550 to learn more about what goes into our custom sign services and to get an estimate.