6 Benefits of Using Custom Banners

Despite a world where everything has become digitized, the traditional advertising market still stands strong. A custom promotional banner is a great marketing tool for businesses of virtually any size. 

At Crazy Monkey Stickers, we strive to provide local El Paso businesses with high-quality, affordable custom banners. Contact us online or call (915) 881-4550 to learn more.


Today, the average person is exposed to approximately 6,000 to 10,000 ads daily with the rise of digital marketing. However, digital ads are prone to ad blockers. Banners, on the other hand, are not. With a proper advertising strategy, banners can effectively capture the attention of pedestrians and drivers. It can be as simple as a catchy phrase or an enticing photograph to gear people into your El Paso business, even if only out of curiosity.


Banners are made to withstand daily wear and tear as workers and customers often move around and touch them. They’re made to combat the elements by being water-resistant and protective against UV rays. So, there’s no need to worry about sunny days in El Paso ruining the look of your sign—it will last! Our outdoor banners are made to last anywhere from two to three years.

Reusable and Portable

If you have an event planned at a local park, festival, or event center, there’s no need to stress over whether you have signage. One of the best things about custom banners is they’re easily reusable and portable. Banners can be made from vinyl, fabric, or chloroplast to make them easy to roll, fold, and store from location to location. Their lightweight design makes them easy to prop up with simple tools such as rope, velcro, zip ties, and more.

Quick to Order

Compared to other forms of signage, banners are easy to design and fast to print, allowing you to get the signage you need when you need it. They’re also easy to install, so once you get your batch of signs, they can go up whenever you want.


For an effective banner, customization is your friend. People are more likely to engage with an ad if it’s bright and colorful, compared to a banner with a plain white background and basic text. When working with a designer on your custom banner, keep things like logos, colors, and fonts in mind. What kind of ad would you engage with?

Banners also come in many different shapes and sizes. So, if you’re a coffee shop looking to create a banner in the shape of a cup, it’s possible!


Compared to many marketing strategies, banners are the most cost-effective option for any El Paso business. You don’t have to constantly pay for advertising space as you would in a newspaper ad; you pay a one-time cost for a recurring Return on Investment. Additionally, the customization of banners allows you to work within budget, knowing how many, what sizes, and colors are available to you.

Promote Your El Paso Business with Custom Banners!

If you’re looking to promote your El Paso business’ next sale or event, consider custom banners to do the work for you! Work with our team of designers to design a banner that is guaranteed to attract more customers. Contact us online or call (915) 881-4550 to order a custom banner today!

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